Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Sunshine Sunday

Such a Sunshine Happy Day:)

Started with a 3 hour walk, first listening to the Swedish radio only to continue on to The Hunger Games which I am currently obsessed by. At home I got myself ready, I am wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap silk dress with a pink lady face print today:) with faux diamond earrings. Blueberry breakfast it was & then I took off to The Rye in Peckham where I am now blogging from. Came to go through all recipes & health tips I have saved over the years:) one to learn how to cook and the second to Stay Well!! If you are a regular reader of my blog I am sure you know I have been constantly ill since January & I am Finally well and want to keep just that.

To Health Sunshine Summery Happiness to you all I say CHEERS from a girl in Dulwich:)

Yes today I look so proper that I am pretending I graduated from Handelshögskolan in Stockholm :)) A Malcolm would laugh if he saw this;)

Alice Solantania Saga

Clockwise from top left: Dulwich Woods. Breakfast. Me in all the layers plus my DVF wrap dress. What I plan to bake next week if you dare believe: Cardamon, saffron, toasted rhubarb and pistachio meringue roulade. HA!

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