Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Sunday Back Home in East Dulwich

My plane landed 9 am this morning at Heathrow Airport, and I was back in Dulwich by 11.30. Unpacked most things at once which for me is rare...!!! The first thing I checked was my post box because I knew I had a new dress waiting for me from Kee Boutique:))) In Love. 60's Twiggy = YES. Then off for Franklins together with Swedish & British Sunday newspapers. Perfection Day.

Images top to bottom: 1 The lovely yellow 60's style print dress I got from kee Boutique. 2 My barbie I played with as a child that my stepmother had saved for me (together with millions of other things of course). My neighbours cat is just adorable. 3 Some inpspirations at the moment. 4 The dear Eija..!!! ( some memories... here, here, here). This girl is such a wonderful one. And a fave model of mine styling while I still lived in Stockholm (she very soon moved on to other things that interested her more though, but I am happy she did do her time since that is how I got to meet her and an adorable Michaela). Today she was the "Sunday Profile" in Dagens Nyheter's Culture section. Dagens Nyheter is one of Sweden's major serious news papers. How cool is that? She's too a member of the famous clan Skarsgard with Stellan, being her dad & alexander being her brother together with a few other hugely talented siblings. She is now organizing the coolest parties in Stockholm (being the boss of course). 5 That would be a me saying HI:))! 6 The Papers...!!!

Happy Sunday Evening To You All!

tomorrow I'll give you a proper diary post from my midsummer weekend.

alice solantania saga

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