Monday, June 24, 2013

Diary 224: My Midsummer Weekend

"Just nu vill jag leva, just nu!
Just nu vill jag känna, just nu!
Känna luften i mina lungor,
känna blodet som pulserar,
känna ljuset i mina ögon,
känna tiden som passerar."

- Tomas Ledin's Just Nu

I had the most beautiful Midsummer weekend in my home town, Uddevalla (Sweden). Friday was spent all day with my bestie Pernilla whom brought me to her other bestie Linda who had the most adorable midsummer day (and evening )party. Saturday I spent all day with my step mother, Siv & my 3 younger brothers:) 

Images top to bottom: 1 This beer is totally Swedish & and Totally Tomas Ledin for me:))). I just had to take a picture of it since it represents Swedish summer for me. 2  Andreas o Jocke (whom owned the beer, Pripps Blå) enjoying themselves. 3 The lovely mother of one of the hosts, Andreas. Here it's time for one of Swedens many "snaps" visor. The only one I know is Helan Gar hahaha. SKAL. 4 My lunch. 5 The gang. 6 Pernilla Lovlieness. 7 Us & some neighbours dancing around the Midsummer flower tree. 8 Then it was time for Dajm cake. I had 3 pieces ohlalala...!!! SO GOOD. 9 Then it was time for a Treasure Hunt which was SO much fun. Those 3 were my team mates. We lost haha. 10 a few hours later it was time for a barbecue which the guys took care of proudly...!!! 11 Saturday. This was the drink I got when I arrived at my step mom's house.I think it was called Marinella. It was very sweet. 12&13 the lunch which as always is perfection in her house. 14-17 Walk Time! My brother's Anders & David showed me around the area since I have only been in this house one time before ( we grew up in another house very far away from this place) and that was during winter and very dark and snowy. And we ran into this beautiful Swan Family:))) The father was NOT happy us being so close, he almost scared the life out of me...! 18&19 my step mom's adorably beautiful sister (whom I looked up to as a child and whom to owns Salong Coquette, a hair saloon, which is where I got my name for my future project Coquette Journal) with her very cute daugther Madeleine came to visit. We had Strawberries, ice cream & cream with some coffee together and a lovely conversation. Such a lovely family. So sad I do not have 1 good picture of my other brother, Christian whom is such a cutie. Next time I'll focus on him with my camera's. 

"Blå blå vindar och vatten
blå blå himlar och hav
Blå blå känslor i natten"

- Tomas Ledin's Blå blå vindar och vatten


alice solantania saga

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