Friday, July 19, 2013

My July's "How I Feel at the Moment" Collage's iPad Style

On Valentine's Day I decided to start a 365 day project. I chose to create one collage a day, either cut & paste tears I have saved over the years or to create one on my iPad with various apps. Here are some collages from the iPad this July:) Yes I do tend to get stuck on certain things and this summer so far it's THE SUN which is a common theme. Recently it is the character Gredelin Graddnos that occupies my mind the most;)

I mix my own images, with other inspiration ones that I have found on Tumblr & Pinterest (please feel free to message me if your image is in one of my collages above and you want to be credited, I will do that asap) and then I draw a tiny bit. Sometimes I have a theme in mind from the beginning and other times I just start with the first thing that I find inspirational.

top to bottom:

be yourself and you can be anything

fairy beauty

faith, hope & love

gredelin graddnos

i love sweden

sunshine happiness

i am happy

alice solantania saga

(images that are not my own in the collages are taken from Pinterest & Tumblr)

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