Friday, July 19, 2013

Today Is A Violet Gredelin Day

I am obsessed by the name Violet! It was my beautiful grandma's name (second one) and she hated it so it was kept a secret....., can you believe???  she is no longer with us so I am to scream out that I Love Her name and Wish it was Mine. Violet is my favorite color.....Gredelin is my cake character wonder beauty:)))! 

Today was Borough Market by London Bridge which was Packed with people eating and drinking. I guess since we have perfect weather here everyone wants to be out and I happened too to come during lunch hour when all business people comes out to enjoy their little time off from the office. Love It! All and Everyone So Happy.

Images: 1 clockwise from top left: me as Violet wearing a Jill Stuart dress, grandma's heart, handmade sandals and vintage bangles. Almond croissants from Borough Market as created by Oliver's Bakery London which instantly caused a CRAVING. Lavender from this morning:)) morning walk. Yes I am working on my Fairy Pagan Poetry Tale every day and these are a taste:) 2 Today's iPad collage which obviously had to be named VIOLET. The girls are all shot & styled by me and the other girl happens to be me;) And yest there is a SUN again hahaha.


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