Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Day of Being Cute & An Alice in Wonderland Poem By A Mademoiselle Roberta

Sometimes when I get dressed I just want to look cute, to not go into a character. Yesterday was like this. Funnily enough I think I am cute leaving my house and the second I enter my second home, Franklins, the owner Rod tells me to put some clothes on;)) hahaha!! Ohlalala.

anyhow, the cute outfit consisted of:

A 50's vintage cropped top
Top Shop skirt
Marc by Marc Jacobs barrette
grandma's gold heart
Screaming Mimis bangles
Office patent leather ballernas

My friend Roberta emailed me this Alice in Wonderland poem yesterday, that she created when she was little and I find it to be so Beautiful. Thank you for sharing Roberta.


As a child I found a wonderland.
Where Alice found a door .
Though quickly lost her dreams 
When Alice was no more.

The green book thrown upon a
sea of flames, her hands too small to reach;
she vanished through a looking glass, 
as i watched through eyes of rain.

That night at the mad hatters tea party,
beyond the pleas of priests.
He piled the volumes and destroyed 
the sweetest childhood sleeps.

-Roberta Francis Transgender Poet

alice solantania saga

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