Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wednesday Full of Cakes, Mademoiselle Gredelin Girls, Little Ponies, Some Vintage & One Cat


Yesterday started at The Albion which is full of beautiful cookies and pastries. I had a pink macaroon and my usual soy latte which I enjoyed while creating yesterday's blog post:). Then I went off to see my favorite person, Jenny (a brilliant artist) whom works in this cute vintage boutique off Brick Lane called The Shop (!). Ohlalala did I find a lovely dress (an early 80's Laura Ashley), and yes it's now in my house. It will go with me to New York where I am to capture backstage photos from NY's Fashion Week for Crash Magazine. After Jenny I went to The Breakfast Club (here I found the My Little Pony wallpaper, such cuteness) for a glass of wine and to do my daily drawings! I am finding my character Gredelin must be wondering What On Earth I Am Talking About:)))! You'll see soon enough. 

& then I came home to THAT CAT. 

An Outfit for A Fairy Tale Day:

Dress from the Etsy shop The Wild Bunches
 Vintage bangles & barrette from Screaming Mimis
Flowery printed flats by Burberry

had i not created
my whole world,
i would certainly
have died
in other people's
- anais nin

alice solantania saga
(quote from Anais Nin's tumblr page)


misslikey said...

ohhhh that Laura Ashley dress is such a perfection. totally made for you!

Linda Marina Portman said...

& you are my LOVE:))xxx