Monday, August 05, 2013

Diary 229: A Beginning of August

I can't believe it's August:))!!! New Adventures. Excitement is sort of filling me up and only GOD knows why!? Maybe because of New York the 3rd of September. Or it might be when fall starts it feels like we all are starting over again afresh. 

At the moment I am finishing off my July art project for Crash Magazine, "The Fairy Pagan Poetry Tales of London". I am naming all the treasures in gold.

top to bottom: 1 This creature greeted me this morning:)) Or at least that is how I will see it haha. 2 Blueberry breakfast for a House on the Prairie day. 3 Saturday I had coffee after my morning walk at Franklins Farmshop & read some weekend newspaper magazines. 4&5 Last week I went to the beauty The Wallace Collection. 6 a polaroid (mistake) from The Wallace Collection; I started to learn how to draw upon polaroids. I am using all my polaroid mistakes for this learning project. 7 Trying to find my Gredelin Graddnos, she is to be a colorful smiling cuteness. 8&9 collage making at Franklins:)) Angels Angels & more Angels. 10 Sunday afternoon guilty pleasures. 11-14 Me, mainly wearing vintage except the wrap silk dress in image 13 with a joker face print that is Diane von Furstenberg.

be yourself and you can be anything

with love
alice solantania saga

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