Monday, August 05, 2013

Today I Am Violet Gredelin Pippi Longstocking Gräddnos from The Little House on the Prairie

Something AMAZING happened just now:)) I thought that I would have to move house because of a huge rent increase, but my landlord lowered it tremendously so that I can stay. I feel like I Am East Dulwich, so I have been so sad about the fact that I might have to move area. Not happening now:))!!

So Today Now = HAPPINESS

a prairie outfit Gredelin Longstocking Gräddnos style a Lovely Monday:

Laura Ashley dress from early 80's from The Shop (vintage shop off Brick Lane)
Screaming Mimis bangles
grandma's gold heart
handmade sandals from Spain
braids by me;)

"Allt stort som skedde i världen skedde först i någon människas fantasi."

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