Monday, October 28, 2013

An End To October With Some Art, Some Nature & Some Breakfasts (and some wine of course)!

I have had a lovely weekend staying in East Dulwich for the most part. The beauty when fall comes is beyond perfection. Life is starting over it feels like, Such A Refreshing Feeling.

Yesterday I went to The Horniman Museum for the first time:) It's so close to my house so it's funny that I have never been. Especially since on my morning walks I pass by this museum almost every day...! I went to see an exhibit showing extinct animals (in photographs), say HI to DODO:)))! Then I wandered off to Forest Hill where I stumbled upon an exhibition by Pawel Wasek at The Montage Gallery which is on top of a very cute cafe of the same name. Afterwards I went to The Hill to sit & read my new Lula issue. The walls were covered in old portrait paintings. The house white was very good as well:)

images top to bottom: 1&2 beauty I have found on my morning walks. 3-5 the weekend's healthy breakfasts. 6 The wonder of Pawel Wasek. 7 DODO:))) by Sean Dooley at The Horniman Musuem. The exhibition is called After Life. 8 beauty at The Hill. 9 Pizza in the making outside of Franklins Farmshop on Saturday. 10&11 Inspiration & my reading while enjoying a glass of wine at Franklins. I love Franklins.

at the moment I am baking:)) Spelt bread Hallelujah. Wish me LUCK!

alice solantania saga

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