Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today I Am Butterfly Sunshine

i am doing this today:

"throw your dreams into space
like a kite, and you do not
know what it will bring back, 
a new life, a new friend,
a new love, a new country"
-Anais Nin

outfit for a butterfly girl like me:

vintage dress & jumper
grandma's gold heart
bangles from screaming mimis
top shop socks & shoes

and i have to share this photo, it shows HAPPINESS which i wish you all!

i am off to devour a couple of books, Dilka Bear & Brooke Shaden's Inspiration in Photography. Both adorable mademoiselles:))) AND talented beyond.

much love & happy tuesday
alice solantania saga
(image of Friday Kahlo with friend is taken from Coquette Journal)

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