Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Fine Art Photography To Buy On Art + Commerce & Vogue Italia's Website

i have a high fever today so have to stay at home. tired & very bored at the same time.... so started to look back at my fine art photography work. some prints are available through Art + Commerce & Vogue Italia's website to buy for commercial or private purposes. There are more to come on this site, more that Vogue Italia has approved of! i just have not scanned them in the large size as A + C needs them in. Some are from my art project i created this past July, Fairy Pagan Poetry Tales of London. for a later blog post probably:)

my page on Art+Commerce HERE.
 on Vogue Italia HERE.

the last image is a screen grab of my photography website. 

All the styling is done by me.

violet love
alice solantania saga

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