Monday, December 30, 2013

Today Was Magic

One of my best friends, Pernilla is pregnant! Very much so. And today I was with her to listen to this little tiny things heart beat:)))! I feel blessed. It was scary wonderful. The best.

My day started with a little walk before heading to town to look for a new phone! My "Swedish" phone is falling apart:( I now have for the first time a phone that is not an iPhone and I am super excited ( better camera)! Here in my town we have the best vintage bookshop, so went there to have a look & i did find treasures. After this i needed to sit down & happily randomly ran into my wonderful uncle:) we sat down at Bohusläns Museum. Then time it was for the heart beats:)) afterwards we met up with an Annika & an Eva for some "fika"! Chatting away.

All this and the evening has not even started.


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