Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Dreamy Fairy Pagan Poetry Longing

A Dreamy Fairy Pagan Poetry Longing! That is how I define my work & being. It's all connected; my art & my life. My life includes Alice, Linda & Violette and whomever/ whatever is my inspiration for the day.

This year is new beginnings. I had a very difficult year, the one called 2013. I was sick for many months and I had a stalker that felt like a never ending story. The year ended with a man threatening me with a knife in the woods.

Sunday morning I was screamed and threatened at by another man on my morning walk. I was in shock all day, it's only been a month since the woods scenario and I was shaken beyond. The only thing I could do was to pretend everything was amazing.

I had to remind myself that my year always starts in Valentines day so it's all cool:)))

Now the only new ones I will let in my life are the loyal nerdy ones. Out with destruction.

Yes I did change outfit. Needed to feel more Pagan Poetry pretty;)

The images are today! We are born & then we die. Feed Your Brain & Live your passions. Oh & yes, I Love Brooke Shaden ( she inspired me to look at my ordinary objects within my house today, guess what image?)!

Alice, Linda & Violette

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