Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Today I Am A Diamond Aristocat

Pardon my enthusiasm!

"I was a bride. My dreams were taken from me. But now - now I've stolen them from someone else. I love you."
-tim burton's corpse bride

ohlalala mrs havisham;)!


top shop blouse & skirt
marc by marc jacobs bow barrette
antique cross necklace
chanel bow belt
screaming mimis bangles
fogal stockings
gabor ballerinas

i created a collage this morning:) adorable aristoctas

kiss me off before you go
alice solantania saga
(Images in my collage that are not by me are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap! )

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