Monday, February 17, 2014


i had a beautiful weekend in ipswich with my mom, aunt & my stepfathers:)

such a beautiful old town! fell in love with its architecture & old school wonderful pubs! not to forget the churches that was beyond mesmerizing.

we met up here (they flew from sweden) because one of the stepfathers has been a supporter of this towns football team since the 70's! at the time he worked on a big ship and they took a stop at ipswich and decided to see a game, ipswich won and since then he's been loyal hahaha! i just love that.

see the crazy happy man in front of one of the pubs, that's one of the stepfathers...try find the other one here:).

i liked it so much so i am to go back very soon.

hope you enjoy my pictures.

3 comments: said...

Great pics. Hope you had fun!


Miss Twiggy said...

sweet post

here’s my newest post :)

Alice Saga said...

yes it was so much fun:))

thank you both:) xx