Friday, February 28, 2014

Today I Am A Beauty Queen & I Ain't Nobody's Sweetheart Yet;0)!

sometimes you have to create your own sunshine
i was told by a friend on instagram yesterday that i was a beauty queen. and THAT my dears i am taking to heart:)!

today is lazyness so dressed for comfort! this one is one of my fave outfits for this & you've might have seen it before.

h&m dungarees
grannies gold heart

i looked for something on my blog & found my new years resolutions for 2014:) a reminder to myself that is.

1 today is to be our lucky day so shine bright like a diamond
2 feed your brain
3 create something every day

yesterday's creation was this collage! i call it:

I Ain't Nobody's Sweetheart Yet

i am not YET! no but tomorrow i have a very cute date:)

create your own sunshine lovely readers
(Images in my collage that are not by me are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap! )

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