Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today I Wanna See More Happy People

where are all those happy people;0)?

 i woke up on a good side today! the sun is OUT:) and i am to meet a lovely takeshi.

too i have a new fave song: happy people with prince ital joe feat. marky mark. i can listen to it a million times and not get bored.

outfit for a happy people day

vintage dress
marc by marc jacobs bow barrette & shoes
grandma's gold heart

this morning i went through my folder i call coquette! and too read up on some photography, how to manipulate my polaroid images from the sx-70 camera. and i did some drawing. here are some snaps:

and this is a rose:) 
yesterdays creating! played with photo apps with some old photos of mine. this one is from last year. she wears this dress. if you wanna see the whole story, a midsummer night's dream click here.

have an adorable sunshine day! and do go out and smile.

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