Friday, April 04, 2014

A Mischievous Butterfly Fairy Nymph Tale

tinkerbell style;0)!

"i will always be the virgin - prostitute
the perverse angel
the two-faced sinister
saintly woman."
- anais nin

oops i did it again
oh baby baby

a friday for mischievous behavior;0)!


vintage school girl dress:)
grandma's gold heart
office ballerinas
blonde by bradley @ bleach:)

"life's a bleach & then you dye"

i was going through last years 365 day project and found this collage that i called "a violet amorina butterfly fairy nymph tale". basically it's my life mixed with works of mine. so all photos by moi.
hope you like:)!
i wish you a bleachy mischievous oops i did it again friday
alice solantania saga
(quote from pinterest)

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