Thursday, April 03, 2014

En Gredelin Gräddnos Äventyrsdag

a day full of adventures together with my partner in crime jenny:)))

the day started with a cuteness morning walk before heading to asos fall 14 press day. then i ran (literally since i thought i was to be late...) to  meet jenny! i had been invited by juan at bryan morel pr to the flower shop, jamie aston ( a collaboration with benetton)to learn how to create beautiful bouquets! so there we went. thank you juan. afterwards we went to a couple of more press days to view fall 14 samples. fell madly in love with a chloe "star" dress & some temperley wonderland dresses. will show some of my fave finds in a few days.

we also managed to find time for a glass of wine at a cute place on great titchfield street:) where we chatted on about only god knows what type of silly things. i adore jenny.

a gredelin gräddnos outfit

vintage flower print dress with lace
my aunt's pearl earrings
grandma's gold heart necklace (worn beneath dress)
burberry flowery violet printed flats

this thursday turned out perfection.

much love

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