Monday, April 07, 2014

Diary 243: A Cherry Blossom Girl Week

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - anais nin

i remember last year when all the cherry blossom trees were blooming here in dulwich, i was wondering if i was to experience this beauty next year. so i am:)! for the rest of this month i will blossom i have decided.

last week was full of press days! i met dear jenny. of course my walks and my dear alice wonderland blog. also franklins adventures with newspapers perfection. i also went to bleach to have bradley make me beautiful again:) & i have a new spring top & skirt! because i am worth it as they say in the commercial.

top to bottom: 1-5 beauty from my mornings in dulwich. 6 a press day where i got stuck on a floor i was not supposed to:) wrong season. this is spring 2014 wonderland of temperley. 7 another press day appointment where i got stuck in the wrong place, namely the restaurant of the london edition. such a place. when will someone buy me lunch here? soon please. 8&9 me and jenny met at punch & judy's on wednesday. magic conversations as always. 10 me on the day bradley made me beautiful. this was before hand though. bleach is located within top shop so what happens is me usually finding something while waiting for brad's magic hands:) this time i found this ever cute top & skirt for my spring:) 11 i was invited to learn how to create wonderful flower arrangements by bryan morel pr. it was a collaboration between benetton & jamie aston. fell madly in love with the orchids of jamie aston. such beauty. 12-16 me as gredelin gräddnos , sweetness, mischievous nymph (hair by bradley), the cherry blossom girl:) & some minnie mouse kisses! 17 yesterday at franklins:) having fun too with photo apps as you can see. smile smile smile. that is what we should do to ourselves and each other at all times.

 here is some morning beauty from today:))) i could live here for ever & ever!!!

this week's to remember forever:

"i am amazing. i feel f-ing beautiful, i'm capable, and inspiring, i am powerful. i love my life, my body, my mind, and my innocence. i love who i am, where i am, and where i am going. i am happy to be me."


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