Monday, May 26, 2014

Diary 249: A Fairy Pavola Havisham May Queen Dream Week

i had a cute little week! continued to create the series i am a dream, planned for my may queen shoot, edited the cherry blossom girl one, went to the v&a to devour some wedding dresses with jenny & got a new book:) icart perfection.

top to bottom:

1 at franklins planning poses for the i am a dream shoot i was to create the next day. decided on a victorian pavlova dream! 2 my flower crown came for my may queen. 3 at the i am a dream shoot. so glamorous;0)! 4 a pavlova victorian dream taste:) 5-7 a few things i loved at the v&a's exhibiton wedding dresses. 8 inspirations from my new book, icart beauty. 9 my garden:) that cat! so cute. 10-13 me as a wildflower, a midsummer night's dream & sweetness;0)! 

here is another raw image taste from my series the cherry blossom girl:) hope you like!

 today i have a date:) 
 a tiny detail of my outfit
wearing a cuteness vintage dress from absolute vintage and its sister store blondie together with my  antique cross necklace:)

wish me luck!
alice solantania saga

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