Friday, May 30, 2014


such angelic beauty

i came across mr. kamil vojnar's work on pinterest, i collect images of angels and he has done a whole series of those beautifully perfect. i have not seen any other artist work magic the way kamil does. a world of otherworldliness that touches loneliness, i think something we might all share which is why the art becomes personal to the viewer. also the never ending longing for something, just something else, something better, more beautiful, more. 

in search of lost time!

a tiny insight about his way of creating:

"vojnar's unique approach to his work layers images from many different  photographs and textures. sometimes his work is layered on canvas creating one-of-a-kind pieces, and other times he layers on fine art paper, creating a small edition. in both instances he varnishes with oil and wax, sometimes painted on further with oil paints." 

wanna explore more of kamil's beauty, go to his:

i adore kamil vojnar & one day i am to own one of his pieces!

alice solantania saga
(quote from lenscratch)

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