Friday, June 06, 2014

Today I Am A Happiness Lovely Mess

the day started with a martin whom is such a good one to me:) then i took a walk along regent's canal which was sunshine happiness beauty 23 degrees! ended up in camden passage where i visited annie's vintage and fell madly in love with a 1910 tea dress. Had my second coffee at the breakfast club while devouring the new issue of ballad of, hardcore happiness theme perfection:) i finally got to meet the amazing lovely girls whom edits this magazine yesterday:) such a bond they share. a tiny bit in envy since i want what they have hahaha. work and play beauty together. came home to dulwich where i changed in to my 2011 dress as i call it, full of butterflies! see the smiley face:)? now i am at the place i call my second home, i am sure you know where and if not, scroll down and get to know me;)

alice solantania saga

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