Thursday, June 05, 2014

A Day To Be Poison Ivy

"it took god 7 day's to create paradise. let's see if i can do better."

"one kiss, my love...for luck."



marc by marc jacobs bow barrette
grandma's gold heart & hand knit blue cardie
office ballerinas

this evening i have 2 special things to go to:) one private view at the ica and then a little cutie magazine release party! but first i am to create paradise;)! will tell you all about it tomorrow.... if there's time of course:)
alice ivy saga

(poison ivy, batman & robin quotes from imdb)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, fill the cup:-what boots it to
How Time is slipping underneath
our Feet:
Unborn To-morrow, and dead
Why fret about them if To-day be

Omar Khayyam