Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sunshine Fairy of The Flowers Day


never again will i do game on dulwich, because i'll loose! hallelujah did i loose:) at least adventure happened and i was treated. and managed to get some more bruises...!

this wednesday of ours was perfection from the moment i woke up. the warmth of the sun, the magic of gardens & stories is such a happiness treat. created a longer than normal walk because these type of days does not happen too often. 

"i am without form
without limit
beyond space beyond time
i am in everything
everything is me
i am the bliss of the universe
am i"

- ram tirtha

i am the bliss


a fairy of the flowers outfit

top shop playsuit
grandma's gold heart
screaming mimis bangles & sunnies
burberry flowery printed flats

alice solantania saga

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