Saturday, August 09, 2014

A Strawberry Saturday

meet strawberry:)

i had a brilliant morning despite being overwhelmingly tired. i found a new shop, a magic one with a darling woman working in it....full of dolls. beautiful dolls. the shop captured my heart. that book was created by the shop owner:) the inspiration's name is brenda gerwat-clark. i need this book full of wonder! i decided that today would be strawberry's. she was my doll as a child. we ran in to a new shop here in east dulwich, forgot the name but they create art of any sorts (the boy and girl painting on the upper right). then we went to franklins to edit the cherry blossom girl shoot i created end of march. i can't believe it has taken me this long to edit. everything has its own time though, right? found so many wonderful ones.

what if
every day
is the perfect day
finally be
who you were
to be?

alice solantania strawberry saga

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