Monday, August 11, 2014

Diary 254: A Fairy Fashion Tale Week

it has been such a week!

me & eleanor with a jessica and perfection brogan loftus created a beautiful story for crash magazine. the week was fashion. and of course some magic morning walks. but mainly it's been only fairy tale fashion. it's been too long. that is a reminder to myself that after the vacation month august and after all the fashion weeks, i am to start doing fashion more often again. 

top to bottom:

1 peckham rye park. this was a stunning rainy morning. 2 the fairy tale of meadham kirchhoff. 3 working/ planning prepping for the shoot at franklins. 3 comfortable me the morning of the shoot. h&m butterfly dress & a primark jumper. 4 on my way, this is very early at liverpool street. 5-8 behind the scenes of our shoot. yes that is the wonder brogan:) the yellow dress is by carven & the blue is vintage from beyond retro. any jewellery showing is by chanel. 9&10 a day with strawberry:))) 11  after the last return of samples i went to the national portrait gallery where this cutie ice-cream place is placed, adore. 12 me in a dress from absolute vintage, h&m gold belt, screaming minis bangles & office ballerinas! me as sweetness ;0)!

yes i have started going through/ editing the self portrait shoots i've done so far. here is another taste of the angel. when done editing i am to learn the wonders of photoshop:)

a repeat:

no matter what happens, no
matter how far you seem to
be away from where you want
to be, never stop believing
that you will somehow make
it. have an unrelenting 
belief that things will work
out, that the long road has
a purpose, that the things 
that you desire may not 
happen today, but they will 
happen. continue to persist
and persevere.

alice solantania saga

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