Saturday, August 23, 2014

Meet The Princesse Bride Tuvstarr

why don't you do what you dream violette?

"today, i will go bare!" she exclaims. "i will carry my dress in front of me and then you will carry me on your back and show me more of the world."
"yes", says the elk, unable to deny her anything. it had been awake all night watching over the strange, white little girl on the ground, and that morning there had been tears in its eyes. it did not understand why, except it felt autumn approaching and was seized  by a longing to do battle and a desire not to be alone anymore.

outfit for a princesse bride

beyond retro tuvstarr dress
antique cross necklace
office ballerinas

yes devour lana

i believe in the person i want to become
-lana del rey

believe in the person you want to become

i wish you a princesse saturday
stay candy cute brilliant

alice solantania tuvstarr saga

(Images in my collage that are not by me are taken from my pinterest (re-pinned)& tumblr (re-blogged), please let me know if I have used your image and you want to be credited and I will do asap!)

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