Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Best Friend Violette Said, " Oh, She's Just Being Alice" ;0)!

yes i do adore miley cyrus!

an ohlalalala day:)

"the one thing that you have that nobody
else has is you. your voice, your mind,
your story, your vision. so write and 
draw and build and play and dance and
live as only you can."

- neil gaiman

dance as only you can yes?

candy cute brilliance

an outfit for a trip to high street kensington and its whole foods store

vintage dress
antique cross necklace
burberry violette flower printed flats

my fave drink/ smoothie at the juice place inside whole foods is the detox one which is full of apple, spinach, kiwi and other goodies:) it is so healthy. i remember a couple of years back i got an allergic reaction and i actually went almost every day to get one of these drinks. afterwards i took a tiny walk  in kensington gardens. those red dots i got all over my body took me 2 weeks to get rid of. that drink became an addiction and a savour (at least in my mind it was).

yes wearing my winter jacket...still not feeling 100%.

and after this trip i was very happy to end up at my second home franklins in east dulwich. see the smiley smile?

she's just being violette;)

time to plan my life!
alice solantania saga


Katharina Berghofer said...

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