Saturday, September 06, 2014

An East Dulwich Saturday Outfit

hey beautiful creatures

saturday is my fave day of the week! i usually start it off with an unusual long walk. so many lovely places to visit. today the light was misty magic fantastical:) started off devouring peckham rye park's wild garden, i was there before 7am so i was completely alone. could not stop taking pictures. also on saturday's there is an absolutely wonderful farmer's market by the horniman museum & gardens so part of my walk is always passing by this place, then off to my woods it is for games of thrones magic. now i am all prepped out beautifully to devour my east dulwich & franklins.

happy saturday to you all:)

a saturday outfit

vintage 30's tea dress
grandma's gold heart
prada belt
office ballerinas

this beauty devoured me this morning:)

the wild garden inside peckham rye park

a quote that made me smile by the now late joan rivers:

"people say that money is not the key
to happiness,
but i always figured if you have enough money,
you can have a key made"

so true mademoiselle rivers.

i wish you a lovely saturday
alice solantania saga

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