Monday, September 08, 2014

Diary 256: amazing sunshine morning beauties & amazing (personal) discoveries

 images: 1-4 peckham rye park beauty 5&6 the horniman museum & gardens as snapped on my morning walks! 7-9 i went to kenwood house the other day and they have delicious treats  in the cafe and feature such amazing art in the actual house. 10 on adventure to capture beauty on one of many sunshine days:) 11 meet alice! she's my guardian angel. she's situated in nunhead cemetery which is an amazing victorian one. 12 &13 the gardens:) actually my garden. see the snugly 2?:))) 14 this is how happy i was that one of my dates was finally over hahaha. hallelujah. wearing my the loved one vintage dress & screaming mimis sunnies & bangles at franklins.

something amazing happened this past week. for the past 10 years i have had severe pms cramps, 3 days (and worse nights) out of my life every month (which is actually like a whole month of each year). all of a sudden i had zero cramps!without thinking i have not had any gluten in my food for weeks, i fell in love with my own baked bread made out of coconut & buckwheat flour which contains zero gluten:) i will from now on avoid gluten as much as possible. those 3 days i was just amazed;) it made such a difference to my life.

so if you are having severe pms cramps (by severe i mean living on pain killers and it still does not help at all so you are basically laying awake all night full of pain), this might be something worth trying and something to bring up with your doctor. 


our fall is something else. sunshine sunshine sunshine! this means explore & devour every greenery possible in the whole of london:))) 


is the word for this week.

"so, what if, instead of
thinking about solving
your whole life, you
just think about
adding additional good
things. one at a time.
just let your pile of 
good things grow."

just let your pile of good things grow

i say yes to that:)

now i am to finish the september issue of american vogue. i found this amazing painting inside the magazine, le restaurant de la paix,  by kees van dongen. such a colorful magic evening. style. i wanna be with!

i wish you a beautiful sunshine monday
alice solantania saga

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