Friday, October 24, 2014

Meet Violette The Fairy Princesse


i have had the best day. and it's not even 3pm:) first i had an errand in covent garden before heading over to chelsea where i had been invited to this wonderful art fair in chelsea's town hall, parallax. i have met such wonderful & talented artists from all over the world. too I met an adorable girl, maria whom told me that if i visit milan, she would take me around to all the wonderful galleries and places they have:) she was so sweet so i will take her up on  that offer:) then i devoured the whole chelsea area and found my violette house. that did it for me, the princesse that i am; all my wishes & dreams are today coming true.


beyond retro princesse dress
antique earrings
burberry flowery printed shoes

happy friday
alice solantania saga

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