Monday, November 24, 2014

A Monday Exploring the Divinity of Kensington

hey beautiful creatures:)

i woke up after a wonderful dream:

" i had a dream that i was fine. i wasn't crazy, i was divine."
- lana del rey

today i am divine!

so right now i am sitting at the flowery pub, as i call it, blogging and about to plan some fairy tales:) my monday started with a tiny walk before heading to leighton house, they are having the most glorious victorian exhibition up now. a painting i could not stop staring at was called song without words by strudwick. then off to an art supply shop before heading to whole foods to get some buckwheat pasta. then a ghostly church happened! yeey for having remembered to bring my polaroid camera. such a day. next is books:)

images ( clockwise from top left): the flowery perfection pub, churchill arms. another amazing painting at leighton house exhibition " a victorian obsession", the roses of heliogabalus by lawrence alma-tadema. moi! vintage beyond retro dress, grandma's gold heart with pippi longstocking braid's. whole foods meringues marie antoinette style:)))

happy divine monday
alice solantania saga

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