Monday, December 08, 2014

A Location Scouting Angelic Princesse Tuvstarr Adventure Dulwich Day:)

such a monday:)

lately i have been doing what i have sought out to do! this makes me happy, to not disappoint myself. tuvstarr magic is to happen wednesday if i find the right crown tomorrow and if the weather is to stay what it has promised, 8 degrees and sunshine. my gown to wear i have decided upon, an old anna molinari dress that i customised while still living in new york (how i miss those perfection tailors i used to go to all the time...) if weather and crown is in place at least one image will happen for my tale, the fairy tale of john bauer's princesse tuvstarr. 

my morning was a tiny walk, home to dress warm and open day 8 on all my three advent calendars. created a tuvstarr inspiration collage for the tale. then i was off again location scouting in the woods. i found one location perfect for one of the scenes i wanna create. went to franklins to go through the various locations and scenes plus planned my tomorrow. now is home doing laundry & creating a dinner while blogging. 

clockwise from top left: 

my fave of day 8, see the tiny angel at the breakfast table:))) adore adore. the one location i know i will use from today's scouting. me pastel happiness. franklins! the location polaroid style and the scene i think i might create there. tuvstarr perfection magic.

glamorous hahaha:0)
me in the woods very warmly dressed since we have had an ice cold day here in london. thanks for my dr. martens step father hans:))) i love them.

my mood board for the tale:

the faerie spellbound tales of princesse tuvstarr
John Bauer
all these images in my collage are by john bauer.

a tiny bit of the story can be read here.

i am to go look for my heart now.

alice solantania saga


Carsla Peyton said...

What is this event you speak of? & Lovely olive coat! (:

♥ | | xoxo

Alice Saga said...

i am creating a series of self portraits over the year feb.14 to the next one in 2015. tuvstarr is the next character to happen:) xx