Tuesday, December 09, 2014


my fave color:) 

this name too belonged to someone special to me, my grandma! funnily she disliked this name so much that hardly anyone knew it belonged to her. i did not know until after she passed away! such shame over such a beautiful name. 

well now i am building a world around it grandma:)))

today was an equally cold one as yesterday! been running around town all day. finally decided upon the scanner i so desperately need, a gift from my aunt& step father for my birthday ( a belated one since the world of scanners are so confusing). the shop i can highly recommend, they treated me so well and it's family owned:) the father, mother with their daughter works together. emma, the daughter helped me perfection! chau digital and it's locaded on rosebury avenue in london (north central). then the crown needed to be found but realized this will take time:((( will do tomorrow's image without it since i did find a wig, all blonde curly romance. we'll see! if the weather behaves of course. the rest of the week will be a mission to find my crown though. maybe the series is meant to happen in sweden over christmas. i did find a location with a lake last time i was home:) only thing with sweden is that it will probably be even colder than here.

that you are here-
that life exists and identity, 
that the powerful play goes on,
and you may contribute a verse.

- walt whitman

violette wonders:)

cherry blossom

Wild Garden

top to bottom:

violette roses from liberty london. various beautiful thingies i have found and created a tiny collage. the wild garden of peckham rye park. jessie dunne cuteness wearing an alexandra grecco dress, fogal lace socks with beyond retro shoes. i am a dream, a part of my self portrait series.

alice solantania saga


Kathy d. Clark said...

Lovely, as always!

Alice Saga said...

thank you Kathy:))) i adore you!!