Saturday, December 06, 2014

A Saturday Morning in East Dulwich, A Shine Bright Like A Diamond Outfit & A Christmas Wish

the song last christmas was the first that sang to my ears this morning. as always the first thing i listen to in the morning is the swedish radio and its mix megapols morrongang göteborg and this was what was on at 7.33 am. it was by far the coldest morning since winter started. that song with the icy cold made me feel so christmasy. i love christmas. i should probably get myself a christmas tree as i did last year:
the snow is clearly missing. but sunshine is happy anyways;0)!

 my first stop on my walk was the saturday market by horniman's garden & museum, met such a lovely lady who sells homemade pasta, marie antoinette style:)) such pink & such green candy perfection. she is to be part of a christmas fair tomorrow in east dulwich:) i am attending of course. pastificio mansi is the name of her company. then the woods & games of thrones had to happen. i am so sad that aria & rob (and eddard stark for that matter) are both gone....i almost gave up on the whole series because of this. now what i have is john and my hero the mother of the dragons. i hope they will rule it all at the end. the woods, ice queen magic it was today. i am thinking ice queen witch narnia style. on my way home that cat, that cat. steal steal steal! finally home and deadly cold i opened the number 6 on my advent calendars, santa santa claus was in all 3 of them. my fave santa is in the image collage below! just arrived at franklins, i am to devour the saturday newspaper supplements, read my photo craft book & then plan my sunday.
finally landed at franklins:)
outfit for a diamond

vintage victorian blouse
jose levy skirt
ahlens faux diamond earrings
antique cross necklace
fogal stockings
gabor ballerinas

remember that at any given moment there are a thousand things you can love

-david levithan, the realm of possibility 
clockwise from top left: 
the ice cold dulwich woods this morning:)). the marie antoinette pasta by mansi at the horniman museum & gardens saturday market. my santa. the adorable cat that i took about 25 photos of this morning and almost stole!

 found these cuteness vintage postcards on elsa's blog :)))
what's your christmas wish? 

my wish is that the faerie tales of violette comes to life this coming spring of 2015:)

the realms of possibility

alice solantania saga

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