Friday, December 05, 2014

The Magic Fairy Witch Tale Spell of Giselle

"today, i will go bare!" she exclaims. "i will carry my dress in front of me and then you will carry me on your back and show me more of the world."
"yes", says the elk, unable to deny her anything. it had been awake all night watching over the strange, white little girl on the ground, and that morning there had been tears in its eyes. it did not understand why, except it felt autumn approaching and was seized  by a longing to do battle and a desire not to be alone anymore.

one of my projects:) monday i am to do a test shoot to see if the location i have in mind goes with the outfit as princesse tuvstarr! this character is to be a series, sort of like my cherry blossom girl but more like a tale.

i am now off to view a witch exhibition at the british museum. excited!!! then to a costume shop to see if they have any cool wigs and maybe a tiny crown.

meet giselle
a sweetness outfit for some tuvstarr princesse witch craft;0)!

vintage dress
antique cross necklace
screaming mimis belt & bangles
wolford violette stockings
burberry shoes

 the fairy tale of princesse tuvstarr:) this is an old collage, so need to create one that is relevant to what i am planning to do. soon to come!!!

pure magic of the ballerina. 
meet giselle- the girl of my dreams

another obsession is that of giselle & the magic of the ballerina. that life style. i am to be grace like that. violette - the ballerina is to happen. that one will be in a studio i have decided. she does have violette coloured hair.

i am off
happy friday
alice solantania saga

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