Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I Wish You A Candy Cute Brilliant New Year

full of magic!
love to you all:)
Collage by Alice Solantania Saga

that we are here-
that life exists
that the play goes on
you may contribute beauty
Collage by Alice Solantania Saga, "that we are here"!

this morning i created part 6 of my tuvstarr tale. the image below is a raw image where i am just testing the light. i adore my roses:)) i bought 3 bouquets for this shoot! in the end i only needed 2 but the one left will be cute outside my house for outfit posts! i am very happy about the outcome. will work on it beginning of our new year 2015! will do part 7 on saturday or sunday. i had champagne today while making myself ready to become the princess, afterwards i had tea at a place called toasted here in dulwich to create the above collage that i call "that we are here"! came home, first thing was to clean my muddy feet haha and then transferred photos to my computer and lastly i created the happy new year thingy. will soon go to franklins to set goals and plan some 2015 happenings. see you in the next year beautiful creatures.
Self Portrait by Alice Solantania Saga in Sydenhamhill Wood
my heart is refusing me

that is what i call part 6!

much love
alice solantania saga


Olivia Aimes said...

Great post! Happy new year!

Alice Saga said...

:)))) thanks!!! you made my evening mademoiselle!