Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Prepp Day for my Milk Maid - Greddelin


i am starting to panic;0)!

 well not really, but i do have this character to create, i have hired this costume from the national theatre hire and it's mine for one week. it's gonna rain almost every single day. i have no idea where to shoot. to be honest, i don't really know who she is, my character that is. only that in my mind she is the milk maid - gredelin:) from the 1700's. or maybe a model from a rembrandt painting? 

oh and yes, the dress is too big and i don't know how to put that waitress cap on or what i call my milk maid head piece:)

it will all be fine, right? ohlalala!!!

see my beauties? too see my tuvstarr crown?
Nineteenth Century Pink Silk Over Dress and a Stiff Gauze Waitress Cap

my rail to the left & some theater peoples rail to the right:)
Nineteenth Century  Silk Over Dresses

i adore this place!

tomorrow morning i have to do more location scouting before returning home to hopefully be able to transform in to my milk maid:) tomorrow is what i think the only day when it is not raining, it is to be overcast and that would be perfection lighting. i will too think of some inside alternatives for another day, i'd love to just have a wall and make a portrait.

wish me gredelin luck beautiful creatures
alice solantania saga

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