Monday, January 05, 2015

My 2014: Fashion Appointments, Fashion Editorials, Fine Art Photography & Some Liberty London Roses:)

at least according to my instagram account:)

through this site, iqonsquare i created this little video with the 5 images that was my most popular from 2014. i am so glad that one of my self portraits became the number 1:)


the year of 2014 is to be remembered as violette's. i created a post about it which one can view here. those roses are from liberty.

violet roses

i went to loads of press day appointments. part one of my spring 15 faves can be seen here. i did love this butterfly by tatty devine:)

Tatty Devine

i styled a story for crash magazine's fall 14 issue. i named it "it's just a fairy tale". the lovely eleanor hardwick was the photographer and brogan loftus was the beauty wearing the clothing. see the whole story here.

Brogan Loftus
 wearing a carven dress & chanel camelia ring.
Brogan Loftus wears a Meadham Kirchhoff outfit
meadham kirchhoff lace perfection.

as i said earlier, i did go to tons of press days. i adore the works of the designer vivetta. this is a dress from her spring 2015 collection. flora heaven. see part 2 of my faves from spring 2015 here.



my cherry blossom self portrait:) one can view some images from my cherry blossom scouting this past april here.  one can view some self portraits before i altered the colors, here. one can look how my images looks like after i have worked on them here:) 

 i created all my cherry blossom girl self-portrait one week in late march when we had such glorious sunshine weather:)

The Cherry Blossom Girl by Alice Solantania Saga

The Cherry Blossom Girl by Alice Solantania Saga
 my number one most popular:))
The Cherry Blossom Girl by Alice Solantania Saga

while searching through my blog for these images above, i found this quote from my diary 243 post.

"i am amazing. i feel f-ing beautiful, i'm capable, and inspiring, i am powerful. i love my life, my body, my mind, and my innocence. i love who i am, where i am, and where i am going. i am happy to be me."

we are amazing. we are f-ing beautiful. we are powerful!

alice solantania saga

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