Thursday, January 22, 2015

A World Wide Women Wednesday in London

my wednesday morning was spent here as usual with games of thrones:) i was excited because today i was to preview world wide women's exhibiton "ritual" at grace belgravia!
Cox Walk in Dulwich

i had some of my work printed out & put my information on the back in case i might meet someone to stay in touch with!
Self Portraits by Alice Solantania Saga

i dressed up:)
Marc Jacobs dress
this is one of my absolute fave dresses:) it's by marc jacobs! i wore a little velvet black cardie/ jacket by cacharel to it.

i went to victoria station to have a look at this book binding store full of wonderful papers and such. i thought it was to take a little longer than it did so i ended up at a starbucks in belgravia to kill some time! i decided to plan my 2015 and read a new magazine i found called spleen factory.

then i went to a place i had googled! i love trying new places and i have to say that i loved this one. the star tavern. great wifi & beautiful interior. i had the whole upstairs for my self:))) downstairs was packed with after work cute boys/ men.
British pub in Belgravia, London

see me?
The Star Tavern

at 6.30 i went to the exhibition! i adore the artists that forms the collective of world wide women, the founder is the talented anouska beckwitch whom too of course is one of its artists.

the iphone photos below does not make the works justice. if you can, go devour these beautiful fine art photography prints for yourself.

 perfection by anouska. 
"do not be lonely"
Do Not Be Lonely

works by amanda charchian (left & top right) & aëla labbé.
 i am in love with it all. 
Fine Art Photography by Amanda Charcian & Aëla Labbé

this is a collective of female artists i'd love to join.


"an homage to that which is lost but not forgotten, a prayer to that which is desired but not realized. ritual promises to answer endless questions and offers escape from an unfulfilled reality. it is an act of veneration for the bird that has flown away, and for the hope of its return."

world wide women's exhibition, ritual, is open until the 24th of february at grace belgravia. 

alice solantania saga

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