Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Although I Have Made Up My Mind; My Heart Is Refusing Me

Fine art self-portrait by Alice Solantania Saga

Fine art self-portrait by Alice Solantania Saga
"i wanna leave but i'm lost
so now i can't break away
although i have made up my mind
my heart is refusing me"

please dear god in the heavens have mercy upon my soul

one can maybe not believe this with today's blog opening but i have had a really good day. i had a lovely morning walk (though ICE COLD) with book 4 of games of thrones:) then i had to rush home since i was to get my hair done by one of myla & davis apprentices, a wonderful corinne:)) now my blonde is perfection shiny & straight. thank you corinne (join her facebook group here). afterwards i continued to prepp for a shoot i am to style with the wonderful eleanor hardwick for the best place online which is tavi gevinson's rookie. after having spent some time on requesting clothing i decided to transfer into tuvstarr. got myself back to the woods to create the tale which is getting near to the end. she is soon to have nothing left. she is to be spellbound for eternity cause she lost her heart! came back home to see if i got some answers from pr people and i had which i am to continue with now.

much love & see you tomorrow 
alice saga

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