Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Gredelin Gräddnos Sunday

she danced twirled dawn away 
while her mind was in the heavens
 praying for forgiveness & mercy


i meant to create another portrait of this character outside today, but it was so cold and windy. too this dress is really difficult to put on (or am i just lazy?)! so on my way to the bus which was to take me to this church i was to use as a back drop i passed by the lovely pub east dulwich tavern (where i used to go all the time actually), which i know have an upstairs that is for special rented events. i decided to ask if it would be ok to lend it for half an hour and it was a yes:)) thank you doug!

this is just a taste. i have so many. i would too love to learn how to cut myself out of the picture in order to put it into another background. i have a few wonderful ones where i am sitting down on the floor and i know where i would wanna put her:) in a timotej setting (will explain another day, but for you might know what i mean!?).

if the weather  permits i will do another one outside tomorrow close to my house so that i can dress in my home. then i will have to return my gredelin perfection dress to its home.

see you tomorrow beautiful creatures.
alice solantania saga

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