Friday, January 09, 2015

Meet Gredelin - The Ghost!

meet the ghost of east dulwich
A Vintage Beyond Retro Dress

gabor shoes

there is a time for
departure even when there's
no certain place to go

backwards or forwards? upside down inside out!
Self-portrait by Alice Solantania Saga

a tiny taste of my gredelin whom seems to be more of a ghost than a milk maid. sometimes one just needs to go with the flow.

my friday started with a morning walk, i am still not feeling well so created a shorter one. it was wonderful though because i finally got a hold of games of thrones book 4:))) so excited. came home, got dressed and took my outfit photos before transforming into gredelin. that dress is such a wonder, just so much fabric to handle when the wind is blowing...hallelujah. i am to create more of her either tomorrow or sunday if the weather behaves.

i don't want realism. i want magic! yes, yes, magic! i try to give that to people. i misrepresent things to them. i don't tell the truth, i tell what ought to be the truth. and if that's sinful, then let me be damned for it!

one of my all time fave plays that is, a streetcar named desire!

happy friday
alice solantania saga

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