Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Alice Solantania Saga Explorer Tuesday:)

happy tuesday beautiful creatures

i had a couple of appointments in central london today & decided that afterwards i was to have an adventure/ explorer day. i just started wandering around, exploring streets i had not been on before & entered churches and whatever buildings i came across or simply put just devoured it all from the outside. in the end i came to st. james park which is not new to me but every single time i am in awe of the birds in this wonderful place:)))
Whole Foods, St.Paul's Church, Black Swan in St.James Park & Alice Solantania Saga's home
clockwise from top left:

 the pastries at whole foods:)). st. paul's church (the actor's church as it's called) in covent garden. at home now. the girls are extremely tired at the moment:) my office of course!. the beautiful swans of st. james park.

The performance of a cat
this cat belongs to the church of st. paul's in covent garden. 

Rose print by Alice Solantania Saga
about to draw some nail polish upon my rose print!!! 
exploring various mediums. just having fun. like doodling! this is at my new fave place in dulwich, the french house.

how's tuesday treating you? what are you up to? 

a quote:

dream with the dreamers and invent
things you never knew you had in you.
think with the thinkers and discover
ideas that mold who you are. smile at
strangers and make friends that last
a life time. laugh with friends and
let those memories burn through your
heart. travel with travelers and
explore a life beyond your imagination.
love only one, and grow old with your
best friend. let these things bring
fire to your soul. so when you look
back at your life, you'll have no
regrets. and you can leave this place,
better then when you found it.

- the beauty of r.m drake

smile at strangers and make friends that lasts a life time

i am leaving you with this, i found it from an old post of mine
the wonders of sarah moon

"I change the angle, I feel emptiness, she tries & suggests to do what I want, do nothing I say, she waits, she stares, she sees my panic, I feel like I am letting her down and I press the button one time, 36 times....and tells her she's great. I do not want to be a photographer anymore"


much love
alice solantanias aga

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