Friday, February 27, 2015

A Location Scouting Inspirational Friday

happy friday

today i knew was to be a sunshine day, so it had to be a location scouting day. i had chosen richmond and to follow the thames path west, to try find my last place for part 10 of my princesse tuvstarr tale. i know now that this will not be it. next try will be petts woods! i love richmond though. such a wonderful place. i started out at whole foods to find a snack then i passed by ham house (which i am to go back to for exploring beautiful art and a magic garden), only to find myself on a never ending walk along the thames river....i was to find a bridge to take me over to the other side and it was like it did not want to be found. 


then i became the strawberry girl
roses, the thames, strawberry house & st. mary's university
clockwise from top left:

1 roses from the square in richmond. 2 the thames right down from the water alley in richmond. 3 the strawberry house which happened to be closed, opens for spring this very sunday. 4 st. mary's university! don't ask. i got lost inside this house thinking it was the strawberry house and i guess everybody just thought i was a student haha. such A school though! i mean...devour that room! chandeliers...amazing mirror...the art!!!! YES to that!

the first comment i got having arrived in richmond for my location scouting day was if i was out sleep walking hahaha. yes i am wearing my in-house pyjamas. i NEED to feel comfy at the moment. maybe especially since it is ice cold and i need to feel warm and like the world is my house, see?
Alice Solantania Saga

here's another raw image from my corpse bride shoots! at the moment i am editing out my best photos   from this series.

she's so happy & excited today since she was blessed by being brought back to life to our planet earth. on top of it all she's getting married:))) hallelujah. can life get any better???
The Corpse Bride
 partner's in crime, yes that we are

anther thing that has happened these past few days

i am finding inspiration in fashion photography again:))) this makes me so happy since i have been bored to be honest for quite a long time and that has made me not buying any magazines. i am someone who has devoured such things since i was a child. thank goodness inspiration is back. 

paper = love  
Pop magazine, Love magazine & W magazine
the spring 15 issues of love, pop & w!

the next magazine i am to buy is garage which has an amazing editorial (created by someone who's name i can not for my life remember, but she's a fine art photographer) in it. will show you when i have it.

r.m drake...can't get enough of you

"then, she began to breathe,
and live, and every moment
took her to a place where
goodbyes were had to come 
by. she was in love, but not 
in love with someone or 
something, she was in love
with her life. and for the first time, in a long time,
everything was inpiring."

- r.m drake

tomorrow i am to visit an art fair. this specific one i met 2 adorable people last time:) a maria and a paolo whom i now know and love.

see you tomorrow. 
i wish you sweet dreams:)
alice solantania saga

(the strawberry girl you might wonder? first of all, she is part of a painting at the wallace collection which i am madly in love with, today i walked upon strawberry hill & decided that one of my characters of my it's just a fairy tale is to be the strawberry child. understand now?:))) much love!)

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