Saturday, February 07, 2015

Meet Princesse Sweetness

a sweetness saturday is to happen

today i am to meet up with my dear friend takeshi:) i am actually waiting for him right now at one of my new fave places in dulwich, the french house!

later this afternoon will be to edit yesterday's corpse bride shoot, understand my new scanner (and start scanning) & to do a little cleaning. tonight is to devour michael & kelly on youtube. this show...i hope that my neighbours does not hear my hysterical laughing that happens every other minute watching this show.

"don't wait for it," i said. "create a world, your world. alone. stand alone. and then love will come to you, then it comes to you. it was only when i wrote my first book that the world i wanted to live in opened to me.” 

- the diary of anaïs nin, vol. 1: 1931- 1934

create your own world

happy saturday beautiful creatures

Beyond Retro vintage blouse, Top Shop skirt and Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes
a princesse sweetness outfit

top shop skirt
antique cross necklace
american apparel stockings

alice solantania saga

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