Monday, February 09, 2015

A Mischievous Cat Corpse Bride Violette Monday

Self-portrait by Alice Solantania Saga in Nunhead Cemetery
a taste of my violette corpse bride


i am in the middle of creating my corpse bride (the version where she has violette hair & purple lipstick, see a taste of version 1 here which is basically the same but no violette touches),  i got the poses right this past friday but the angle is i re-shot it and the angle is perfect but my poses are all wrong.

i need to learn how to cut a person out of a picture only to put it back into another frame. i have shot my location on its own. now i just need to learn some techniques in photoshop:)

 only god knows why i tried to re-create the same poses today since i know from experience that it never works...!!! a moment is a moment and today could have been a moment if i had let it.

 the sun came out too...!!! which it was not meant to. it was supposed to be dark clouds.

such problemas;0)!!!!

in the end the sun made my day!!!:)) cause we were given spring. i created an extra walk and just felt happiness creeping up. thanks!

another reason for today's smiles:) this cat basically owns the gardens (or so she thinks)!

mischievous perfection
A Cat in The Gardens, East Dulwich

i have to show you my dream cat:) 
this is about 1 year ago when i played with various iphone apps. i adore adore this one. 
the gardens perfection.
Cat Magic

i wanna end with some wisdom of marianne williamson's:

"You are not who you were yesterday; whoever you were before this moment is literally a construct of your imagination. At this moment you have the power to choose whatever quality of personhood you desire. And because all minds are joined, whatever decision you make will in time be the way others see you as well"

at this moment you have the power
never forget beautiful creatures

love to you all
alice solantania saga


Begaind said...

Love your first picture though I can not see it clearly. Love that cate. So cute!

Alice Saga said...

Thanks:))) have a beautiful Tuesday! xx