Monday, March 16, 2015

A Car Boot Sale Vintage Weekend & A Breakfast Strawberry Girl Monday:)

hey beautiful people
Classic Car Boot Sale
i spent my saturday with my love jenny & her wonderful husband andrio at something called the classic car boot sale which was held at the southbank centre here in london. such  a perfection place this was!!! i got myself a mirror mirror on the wall perfection, butterfly dress, some sunshine plates & a flower of the fairies tale by cicely mary barker:) jenny too found some lovely thingies for whatever she is to create next!! afterwards we went for some wine.

see my dress:)))??? it's full of butterflies! when wearing my butterflies i am to pair it with my valentino satin & lace blouse (as seen in the image above). yes i need that vogue. see the beautiful violette eyes? 

how i feel at the moment thank goodness:

then, she began to breathe,
and live, and every moment
took her to a place where
goodbyes were hard to come
by. she was in love, but not
in love with someone or 
something, she was in love
with her life. and for the 
first time, in a long time,
everything was inspiring.

i am madly in love with the works of r.m. drake. soon there will be a book to devour by this beautiful person, this one is to be mine!

today i met someone adorable! such a talent:) her name is hadassi and is one of the wonders of the  world wide women collective. we met at the cute breakfast club in hoxton whom has this wall paper in its powder room:)
Strawberry girl
which happens to be a character i am to portray....but in quite or very much so, different way.

the strawberry girl

much love
alice solantania saga

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